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The Forest (2012) hindi movie Trailer

  The Forest (Hindi) -Trailer 

The movie begins on a promising note. A village kid falls prey to a man eating leopard. As the predator pounces on its prey, the splash of blood finds its way to a flowing water stream and the camera captures the mood from the aerial view. The film’s technical bravura as well as the creative inclination of the director is established. But as the story unfolds, it never quite gives a concrete idea as to why exactly the director is interlinking some unnecessary subplots which neither propel the story forward nor make the film thrilling. You often find yourself untangling the complex strings of relationship binding the three main characters amidst the fear of the man-eating leopard lurking around. The emotional interplay and the fear quotient fail to run smoothly on parallel tracks. There are so many loose ends to this puzzling drama that you struggle to tie them up to form a coherent picture.

Watch it dont try to waste your excitement :p

Official trailer here:

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